Saeed Custom Kitchen

Saeed Kitchens is Toronto’s leading provider of beautiful, efficient, modern kitchen designs. 

At Saeed kitchens we make European style kitchens that are sleek, simple and elegant and are crafted specifically for your space to bring your visions to life.

Every modern kitchen is custom made in our state of the art factory, we create frameless kitchens that are processed with top of the line machinery and made with fine craftsmanship.

With our European style kitchens you can do many combinations. There are lots of colours that come in different finishes and textures and can be combined to give you a two toned look or be used singularly to stand out.
With many years of experience in Custom Design, we will make sure your satisfaction is achieved and your project is completed both professionally and on time.

Style and usability are of course important, but it is also very important that the kitchen cabinet you buy is durable.

For example, criteria such as waterproofness and non-swelling of the cabinets are important criteria for long-term use. You can trust our products about it! Saeed kitchen produces the products that would be with you for many years with their quality.

If you want extra protection in your kitchen furniture, you can get cabinets that would keep their first day’s stylishness for a long time with the scratch-resistant Acrylic Panel.

Some of the options for our European kitchen line includes:

  • Gola finger pull profile for doors
  • Push to open for doors
  • Aluminium glass frames
  • Handcrafted metal trims on doors or hood panel
  • Supermat, acrylic, metallic and anti-scratch materials
  • Soft-close doors and drawers as standard